Norfolk Pride Festival 2019

William Vercetti is a photorapher and web developer from Virginia Beach, Virginia and a member of the LGBT community. As a result, William has been able to move fluidly through LGBT events doing what he loves the most. But photography was not his first passion but his love for caputring the human body in all forms is undenyably one of his strongest passions yet. And like other, Vercetti has worked hard to get where he is. And doesn’t plan on coming this far to stop now. In fact, the photographer has plenty of goals he would like to acheive. From shooting for and getting published to a major fashion or LGBT magazine, for instance. Also meeting and photographing a major A-list celebrity. The future looks bring for the young photographer and the possibliites are endless. Norfolk Pride.

With only a couple years of photography under his belt. Vercetti’s demand has taken off tenfold. therefore, he is contstantly being asked to work with models and regular people. That is to say, William Vercetti’s greatest compliment was being told he resembles the style of famous photograher Annie Lebiovitz. “I am starting to see some Leibovitz excellence in your work. – Not copying her, of course, but the depth and character exposure she captures. Amazing!”. This quote has defintintely kept William Vercetti motivated to be successful in the photography industry by any means necessary. William Vercetti is working hard to build his brand and perfect his craft. “I PICKED UP A CAMERA. AS A RESULT, I CAPTURED THE MOMENT.” Norfolk Pride.